The ALASKAN SNOWGUARD has the only removable snow guard. You can take it down in the summer so it doesn't collect leaves and in the winter you can remove it to take a heavy snow overload off your roof.



The Removable Snow Guard allows you to control the snow load on your metal roof. A roof must be kept in balance, if you keep two feet of snow on one side of a roof you must keep a similar amount on the other side. If you choose not to install Snow Guard kits on both sides of a roof, you still can keep it balanced by removing the snow collected behind the snow guard at any time.
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Guard in place
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Guard Removed


When guards are installed on a metal roof they do two things, keep snow from sliding off and create ice dams. The removable Snow Guard can keep over two feet of snow from sliding off a metal roof with a 4/12 to 7/12 pitch. When you stop the snow from sliding off a rood, ice dams will form. Ice dams on some metal roofs can cause leaks. With the other snow guards, (angle clips, bars, pipes) that screw or are glued to your roof you can not remove the ice dams or the snow on top of them. The removable snow barrier of the Alaskan Snowguard allows you to remove the ice dams any time they might become a problem



Other snow guards that are screwed through your metal roof can rip out under a heavy snow load causing damage to you roof and allowing water to leak into your building. The Alaskan Snowguard is not only removable, but fastens to your roof outside the walls, on the eaves of the roof where they can not cause a leak.


The Alaskan Snowguard come to you in a complete kit, ready to be installed. The 3 foot kit has 2 pieces, the 6 foot kit has 3 pieces of 1/4" x 2" x 4" aluminum angle that have two 3/8" holes on the bottom and a 3/8" slot cut in the up leg angle to accept the snow barrier. The pieces of angle are bolted through the metal roofing and the plywood sheeting beneath with 3/8" bolts, washers and nuts. Each is sealed to prevent water rotting the plywood beneath. The aluminum angle pieces are the only parts of the kit that are permanently fastened to your roof. The snow guards are three or six feet long, three inches wide, and 1/4" thick, which are put in or removed from the 3/8" slot in the piece of angle. Measure the length of roof you want to protect and divide by six. This will give you the number of kits you will need to order.

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A 3 foot SNOWGUARD kit will also protect your vent and furnace pipes.

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To keep the cost of shipping down all kits will be shipped via US Postal Mail, although you may request special shipping.


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3 foot kit $39.95
6 foot kit $59.95
plus shipping

From 1 to 6 complete 3 foot kits and 1 to 3 complete 6 foot kits can be shipped in 1 box without any increase in shipping costs.

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